Services we offer our customers


  • 24 hour 7 days make safe emergency call outs
  • Safety and compliance reporting
  • Pre-start and completion photos
  • Work quality guaranteed
  • Electrical
  • Air Conditioning
  • Solar PV

We offer premium electrical services which covers all aspects of insurance repairs.

Quick efficient service for electrical make safe call outs.

Highly trained teams in Australian Standards and Best Practices.

Body Corporate Strata Maintenance

  • Fast efficient repairs
  • Building service contracts
  • Building maintenance and compliance
  • Switchboard inspection and reporting
  • Switchboard and MDF upgrades
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades
  • Pre-start and completion photos
  • Work quality guaranteed

Specialising in compliance and preventative maintenance.

We have been working with our long-time clients to provide efficient service contracts.

This includes building and preventative maintenance.

Our pre-start and completion photos give confidence to owners.

Air Conditioning and Heating

  • Split system air conditioning installations
  • Air conditioning service contracts
  • Electrical faults diagnosis

Not all installations are the same –  like oils ain’t oils.

Our installations are premium, utilising best materials and best practices.

Corrosion on the Sunshine Coast can be a major factor to early failure of components and even the aesthetics of the installations.

We maintain high standards to ensure our installations are looking good and operating well.

Solar PV

  • Utilising the best available products to ensure longevity and warranty honour
  • Qualified and specialised tradesmen with experience in their field
  • Clean Energy Council and Clean Energy Regulator best practices for installations
  • We have been installing solar since 2010

At All Electrical Work we like to think we are the top of our game with keeping up to date with best practices and procedures to ensure your solar system generates and lasts well into the future.

Mains and metering

  • Providing quality switchboard upgrades and alterations
  • Working with Ergon and Energex our network providers for compliance
  • Advising of network options for power reduction and cash back incentives

Selecting the correct metering tariffs can be tricky at the best of times.

We ensure our customers a smooth transition to low cost metering and expert advice.

Liaising with retailers, network providers and metering installers for completion of works.

Phones and Data & Communication

  • Building MDF upgrades and testing
  • Additional phone and data outlets

Building phones and internet connections can be interrupted by bad connections.

We provide testing, repairs, and upgrades to ensure correct operation and internet speeds.


  • Office networks and communications racks

Ask us about office network solutions for your business

Pool Pumps

  • Off peak pool pump tariffs with Cash Reward incentives from Energex
  • Pool pump and spa outlets
  • Pool light switching inside your house
  • Pool heating and circulation pumps
  • Garden lighting and fountain pumps
  • Remote switching of garden or area lighting 

Talk to us about setting up your pool pump for off peak tariffs to save money and possibly qualify for Energex cash rewards for changing to an off-peak tariff